Groups, Groups, Groups! Here are two simple reasons why you should think about traveling as a Group…not any group of strangers following a “flag” but your own group of friends or business associates…


Reason #1: Nothing is More Fun and Memorable –- when traveling with 6-20 like-minded friends or associates especially if they are curious about and love wine, great dining, artisan foods and products, enriching cultural adventures and awe-inspiring scenery.


Reason #2: Better Value — when you travel as part of your own group, the value of your travel experience is enhanced because the cost per person is typically reduced to an irresistible level. The more people traveling…the lower the cost per person!


Who Can Benefit from a Group Tour — Corporate meetings and management retreats; incentive award winners; wine, dinner or cigar clubs members; women’s clubs or garden enthusiasts; golf or tennis club members or any other affinity groups like: alumni organizations, church or community groups, fraternity or sorority members; or, just a group of friends that you know have fun traveling together!