We are travelers and consumers just like you. So, we’ve devised a simple policy that we would like honored at websites that we visit and promise to honor at our site.

We don’t want websites, companies or entities of any kind selling, renting, loaning, exchanging, bartering or giving our names and personal data to any other person, group or entity except under legal requirement. So, we won’t do that to you either.

If we use your name/contact information and/or personal data derived from your activity on our website or your response to an opt-in inquiry from us, it will be for the following reasons:

  1. To respond to any inquiry from you.
  2. To gather information about your travel interests and preferences that will help us serve your travel needs better.
  3. To advise you of selected travel specials and promotions that may interest you.
  4. To occasionally provide you with airfare and non-airfare travel offers that we deem are of exceptional value and interest to you given your opt-in preferences.

You may notice that on occasion we have banner ads in selected site areas. Regrettably, we can not be responsible for these advertisers. We trust these sites will live up to a reasonable Privacy Standard but we do not control them. If you believe that they have broken our “trust”, please advise us including all details and particulars. Thank you and please enjoy your “Life Experience” travels in our enriching world of wine and culinary discovery.